RethinkDB nightmare #2: Service wont start .. again

RethinkDB nightmare #2: Service wont start .. again

Update: 1.4 has been released which includes a fix for this issue. If you haven’t yet upgraded you should.

I’ve had this happen before, but I wasn’t sure what caused it so my initial assumption was to assume it was a random error. I can assume no longer! Today I had the RethinkDB service refuse to start .. again, and again with no error message. I know that the guys have been working on the init.d experience issues but it doesn’t appear to be in the master release just yet. To be honest, I’m not even sure if this issue will be addressed in it but I will bring it up to make sure.

Edit: It seems they have already patched the root cause of this issue, and my presumption is if this is fixed, and their init.d experience is improved then both this article and the previous one will soon become redundant. But, we wont really find out until the next major release.

The Symptoms

I had my server running, but then it crashed unexpectedly and upon reboot the service did not start. When I attempted to initiate it manually I would receive zero feed back, which would normally suggest that it started fine. However, upon inspection of the process list I could see that RethinkDB was not running, and there wasn’t even an error in the log at all.

The Solution

The problem for me this time wasn’t my configuration, that was all fine and dandy and I had RethinkDB online already so I knew it was something new. It turned out that RethinkDB didn’t even try to start because it found a pid file. Telling it to stop would produce an error, but the pid file would not be removed. So, the solution was simple, remove the pid file and start the instance again.

The Proof



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